My Second Bestseller!

Romance novels, assassins, fantasy
You could get lost in those silver eyes.

Okay, so To Seduce An Assassin (the sequel to Kiss of the Assassin) has been #1 on the Ancient and Medieval Best Sellers List on Amazon for three days now! (Kiss is also on that list, at #6 at the moment.) Look at that gorgeous orange sticker!!!

If you haven't started the Omaja Series yet but you're a fan of fantasy, adventure, and steamy romance, here is another teaser from Seduce to entice you.


Yavi picked up his fork, noticing Graciella didn’t take a piece of cake for herself. “Aren’t you having some?”
“No. I tested so much of it while I was baking, I’m just not hungry for it anymore.”
He ate a mouthful. “It’s delicious. I think you got the spice just right.”
“Oh, good.” She sipped primly of her wine and watched him eat.
The cake was moist, deliciously sweetened with honey, and redolent with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and other unidentifiable spices. He quickly finished it off and dabbed at the corners of his mouth with his napkin.
“More?” She held up the plate of cake, flashing him a charming smile.
“Yes, I suppose I have room for more. I haven’t had this type of cake before. What do you call it?”
“I call it Spice Delight Cake.” She deftly cut him another huge piece.
“Delight, indeed.” He put a forkful in his mouth. “It’s wonderful. I think you could open a bakery with this recipe. This cake, plus your delicious breads.”
She tried to serve him a third piece before he finished the second, but he shook his head no. He was starting to feel full, and a little strange. Warm, and drunk. Fuzzy around the edges. Had he really drunk that much wine? He picked up the wine bottle to examine it.
“What’s wrong?” Graciella asked, the sexy lilt of her voice sending pleasurable chills up his spine.
“Oh, nothing, I—do you want more wine?” He held up the bottle.
Her thick black lashes seemed to move in slow motion, fluttering prettily over her mesmerizing hazel eyes as she blinked. “No, I still have some in my goblet.”
He swallowed, staring at her face. Before he could stop himself, his gaze was drawn to her neckline. Heat crept up the back of his neck at the sight of the enticing swell of her breasts, and he went hard as a rock inside his trousers. He forced his gaze away and took another bite of cake.
Wait—is that Tongkat Ali I’m tasting? He frowned as he chewed the bite slowly, trying to discern the sage-like flavor of the Nandalan herbal remedy for impotence.
“Something wrong?” Her face was the picture of innocence.
“No, I—” His erection throbbed. “I just realized how full I am. I may not be able to eat my last couple bites of cake.” Spice Delight, my arse! She’s poisoned me, the little sneak. That’s why she had to get the other cake. A slow smile spread across his face at her daring, and he couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Are you sure you’ve had enough?”
“Oh, I’m sure.” Blood was pumping through every sinew of his body, fueling his thick arousal. “What spices did you say were in that cake?”
He stared at her lips as she answered. “Cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and a pinch of sage.”
“Sage?” So it wasn’t Tongkat? No, that couldn’t be right. He didn’t feel normal at all. She was a bald-faced liar. A beautiful, enchanting, bald-faced liar.
“Yes, just a pinch.”
A pinch? He’d like to pinch her nipples with his finger and thumb right now, while devouring her soft, plump lower lip with his mouth and tongue. He shut his eyes and pressed his fingers over his eyelids, trying to fend off an intense wave of lust, but it wasn’t working. He needed to get away from her before he did something he would deeply regret later, but how? He was certain that if he stood up right now, the enormous bulge in his pants would be painfully obvious. He had to figure out an escape, fast.