Damn if His Pillows Weren't Going To Be Scented With Heather-Rose Soap!

When I found and read Caribbean Jewel again after 17 years, I was really curious about Jolie's "Heather-Rose" scented soap. I honestly have no idea where I got that idea; I don't think I've ever owned any toiletries with that fragrance. (More than likely, I chose it because it just sounded so old-fashioned.)

I Googled it and came up with little to nothing, until I came across this site: http://www.berrysweetstuff.com/bodystuff/barsoaps.html. They were offering a "Heather & Rose" scented soap as a limited-time special, so I ordered a bar. I just HAD to feel like Jolie in that tin tub lathering up with Marcano's gift of French soap. :-)

(By the way, I don't see Heather & Rose on Berry Sweet Stuff's site at the moment, but Amazon has a vegan "Lavender & Rose" infused soap that would be very similar.)

What came in the mail was this large homemade pink bar of intense-smelling heather and rose delight. You definitely have to be a fan of the scent of roses (which I totally am) to like it, but the fragrance completely won me over.  (I approve, Captain. :))

Of course, the question could come up, where did Marcano get that feminine-smelling French soap in the first place, to have it available to give to Jolie the night she escaped Crab Island on his brigantine? Well, he's a privateer, constantly moving goods and costly cargo back and forth between Europe and the Caribbean, so I think it's safe to assume he could have had it somewhere in the cargo hold on this particular trip from Europe to the New World.  Let's hope it's that and not a gift he bought for some tavern wench in Santo Domingo.

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