New Novel in the Works, Believe it or Not

What's Jayla Jasso been up to?

Well, I'll tell you. I've been working on a long day-job-related writing project for the past 18 months while all my unfinished romance novels sat there in unopened files. (I don't dare open a novel I've started while I'm supposed to be working on something else, because I get sucked in and can't stop re-reading and working on it again.)

I finished the day-job-related writing project a few months ago and avoided working on novels or any other writing activity for a while, just to get a breather from the computer screen, and to collect my thoughts about my next steps in fiction writing. Writing technical matter is such a different world from writing fiction, and like I said, once I get sucked into working on my fiction projects, it's like a vortex that I can't pull my head out of very easily. Plot lines and characters and scenes start dominating my thoughts, and I have to be careful to stay grounded in the real world.

But when you are a writer at heart, you can't stay away for long. I said all my "unfinished" romance novels were sitting in unopened files...well, a finished one was as well. I didn't want to talk about it before because I knew I couldn't work on the final edits for it yet, and I didn't want to string people along who are waiting for my next book.

It's called The Omaja Stone, a fantasy-romance, medieval sword-and-sorcery tale that takes place in a wealthy country called Villeleia. I'm currently doing my final edits before sending it to my professional editor for her final polish. The cover has been ordered and will be revealed soon. I'll be running some specials on Caribbean Jewel as well as doing some discounted preorders for the new book in a few weeks.

And my head is completely in the vortex now, so I gotta get back to Villeleia. They need me there.

Update: The Omaja Stone got a makeover - new cover and title. It's now called Kiss of the Assassin and is available on Amazon!


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