My De-Stressing After-Work Ritual

Yes, I'm a romance writer, but I also have a day job. And that day job involves teaching high school. And teaching high school, well, is not the most relaxing job in the world, except for during the months of June, July, and some of August. (Yeah, baby!)

So when I get home on weeknights, especially during the winter, my favorite first thing to do is sink into a hot bath. And when I get out, I put on comfy clothes and rub my "Joy and Wellness" combo of essential oils on the soles of my feet. (Why the feet? The soles of your feet are fast to absorb essential oils because of the large pores. Also, your feet are full of acupressure and reflexology points.)

I get my oils from, but you can also buy essential oils at health food stores and other shops. I use Young Living because their oils are so high-quality, each bottle lasts for months and months, and because I'm addicted to certain ones of their blends (like Peace & Calm I & II and Valor I & II,) but they are more expensive than most health-food-store brands, and you have to "sign up" as a distributor to buy them online because YL is a multi-level marketing scheme. Which I'm not a fan of, but that's how they do it, and just GOTTA have their oils, so oh well. (And by the way, if you do sign up at, please use my member #1410192 so you too can become part of my evil pyramid. Muhahaha.)

Basically what I do is shake one drop of each of a set of the five oils into my palm and then rub it on the sole of each foot (one drop per foot.) I always do the oils in a certain order: 

1) Valor or Valor II
2) Hope
3) Cypress
4) DiGize, and then
5) Joy. 

Then I rub the palms of my hands together and take a few big inhales of the combined, intoxicating fragrance, and smile. (It always makes me smile and go "mmm," no matter what kind of day I've had.) Cypress and DiGize (DiGize kind of stinks on its own) bring the feminine florals of the other three oils down a bit and make the overall scent just a tad more complex and masculine-ized, which to me is very yummy and soothing.

And then...I'm ready to write romance!