My Sweet, Sweet Barbarian

So this guy shows up in your back yard, only without the helmet, axe, or chest armor. What's a girl to do????
This summer I'm obsessively working on my third romance novel, working title "Sweet Barbarian." It's a time-travel romance in which a 5th-century Visigoth warrior (Valamir) is sent forward in time by a Druidic priestess in order to save his life, and he ends up in December 2015 in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, in the middle of a snowstorm. He's wounded, so he stumbles down the side of Pike's Peak looking for any sign of life, and ends up passed out in the back yard of my heroine's mountain cabin.

Her chihuahua is outside going nuts, so Karly thinks there might be a bear out there, but she can't really tell what it is--it's just a big lump of something lying in the snow out by the spruce tree. She ends up going outside far enough to check, and finds this huge, muscular, mammoth of a man who's unconscious and going to freeze to death if she doesn't drag him inside and try to tend his wounds.

She saves his life, and when he wakes up, she starts using charades and gestures to teach him a few English words so he can communicate with her. She needs to figure out who he is, why he's dressed like a Skyrim cosplayer, what happened to him, and where he belongs so she can get him home.

That plan of course all goes awry when his story starts coming out in broken English, and he claims to be from "Gallia Aquitania" (modern-day southwestern France,) from the year 483. Other than that story, he doesn't seem crazy, so Karly's not sure whether to take him to the mental hospital or the homeless shelter. Or, just keep him around and drool over his hunky physique, his sweet smile, and lion's mane of hair. Plus, when her druggie ex-husband shows up high and hell-bent on manhandling Karly, it comes in handy to have a 6 foot 6 barbarian around to bounce him right on back to his Hummer with a bloody nose.

Anyway, I am having a BLAST writing this novel and can't wait to put it up for sale.

I'm projecting Fall 2016 for the release. In the meantime, you can see my Sweet Barbarian Pinterest board with all my model inspirations for the main characters, Karly's cabin, Karly's clothes, and her dog here.

Okay, back to play (ahem) I mean, work...

UPDATE 8/20/16: Sweet Barbarian is finished (yay!) and in the final editing stages. Will be up for preorders on Amazon soon.

UPDATE 11/21/16: Sweet Barbarian is available for preorders on Amazon now, release date is December 23rd!


  1. Fantastic! I loved scrolling through your pininterest! I'm really looking forward to reading Sweet Barbarian! 😊😍

  2. Thank you! I can't wait to put it out there and see what fans think. Hope it lives up to the hype :)


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