Sweet Barbarian Preorder Plus Teaser Excerpt!

My preorder status for Sweet Barbarian is officially ON! As of now, you can pre-order your copy of my brand-new romance novel for 99 cents.

I'm thrilled that preorders have been steadily climbing over the past few days, and Sweet Barbarian just hit the Top-100 Amazon Best Sellers list for Kindle eBooks Time Travel Romance (wow oh wow!) [Update 11-28-16 9:00pm - It's now in the Top 50 for Kindle eBooks Time Travel Romance AND Top 100 for ALL Time Travel Romance!!]

Big moment in my world.
Okay, so the pre-order thing is doing well. :-)

I shared a synopsis of Sweet Barbarian in  this post and in  this one, and here's a teaser excerpt from chapter 1:

Share body heat to warm the person up, not electric heat, the Mayo Clinic website said. Without clothes. Geez, Louise. Karly hurried to her extra bedroom closet to get a fleece blanket, dropped it on the floor near the stranger, then bent over him to work on removing his wide leather belt. It was very authentic-looking, with a homemade wrought iron clasp that looked like something straight out of the forges in Skyrim. She worked it loose, then fiddled with the waistband of the leather skirt until she figured out how to unwrap it and pull it away from his body. He was wearing an honest-to-goodness loincloth underneath, slung low over his muscular hips with a leather cord, the fabric draped over his bulging groin. His well-developed ab muscles arrowed down toward his pelvis, and his thighs were thickly covered in muscle as well.
Karly forced herself to stop ogling him and scooted back to tug off her boots, shrug out of her T-shirt, and peel off her leggings.
“Panties and bra are staying on, buddy, and I gotta get some of the dirt off you before I can, uh, share body heat.” She quickly swiped at the grime on his chest and belly with a wet towel before awkwardly straddling his waist with her knees. She draped the edge of the fleece blanket over her shoulders, then lay down on top of him with it, slowly, so as not to jar him and cause cardiac arrest. His torso was cold, clammy, and hard, and she shivered a little at the contact of her bare skin on his. She rested her head over his heart, listening for his heartbeat.
Thump. Thump, thump…thump.
“I’m glad I didn’t kill you with the electric blanket,” she whispered, resting her forearms over his biceps under the blanket and settling in. She’d never actually lain naked on top of a man as built as he was, and it was definitely a thought-provoking experience. His enormous size made her feel tiny and light. She hoped she could produce enough body heat to warm him up.
She closed her eyes and lay still, trying to steady her breathing, listening to his heartbeat. Lulu came over to sniff her fingers where they rested on his shoulder.
“You could help me out, you know. Curl up next to his shoulder here,” Karly whispered.
Lulu sniffed his wet, matted mane of hair, then trotted off to her bed by the hearth.
          “Punk.” Karly closed her eyes, willing her body heat to seep into his cold torso, and waited for him to wake up.

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