Caribbean Jewel Free All Weekend!

My historical pirate romance is a free download this weekend, in celebration of Summer + my moving adventures to my new (old) farm in Oklahoma! Here's an excerpt:

Spying On The Stowaway

After counting backwards from fifty in Spanish, twice, Marcano was able to remember what he had scaled the side of his own brigantine for. His “journal.” Taking a few deep breaths, he turned slightly against the wall and rose up to hazard another peek through the window.
Jolie was clothed now in the silky nightgown, meandering about the cabin, brushing her long hair. She wandered toward the bookcase, and yes, yes!—paused to gaze at the area where the leather case contained his journal. He felt a surge of excitement that shot straight to his groin.
She turned away from the bookcase and retreated slowly toward his bunk.
¡No, coño!
Just when he thought she’d never take the bait, she tossed the brush to the mattress and strode quickly back to the bookcase. She reached up and took down his leather case, ripping at the ties as she carried it back to his bunk. Then she plopped on top of his coverlet, settled herself comfortably among his pillows, took out the sheaf of papers, and began to read.
Ah, you delectable little sneak.
Marcano was amused and relieved. So the courageous young woman who had risked everything to help the slaves was not so saintly that she could resist the temptation of reading his journal. His conscience was eased a great deal by seeing her committing the same crime against him that he had committed earlier against her. Of course, he had set her up so nicely that she practically had no choice, but still…she was just as human as he was, and it gave him great satisfaction.
He watched her a few minutes more, unable to see her expression because she was partially hidden in the recess of the bunk, snuggled amongst his pillows.
Finally he slipped into the shadows to climb the rope back up to the poop deck.

Damn if those pillows weren’t going to be scented with her fragrance again tonight.