Hi! I'm Jayla. I live in the midwest USA with my new husband and our pet espresso machine.

I love all things health-related! My passion is cooking, but I also love self-help and self-improvement, beauty, organization, travel, and writing.

I love growing my own herbs and vegetables in pots on my patio, finding ways to make exercise fun and effective, and just generally enjoying life!

vegan breakfast scramble garbanzo flour and veggies jayla jasso
Vegan breakfast scramble in the making. I'm a big fan of cooking in iron skillets.

I also love...FOOD! I love cooking it and eating it. I'm a health nut who loves trying and inventing new healthy recipes. I spend tons of time in my kitchen, my favorite room in the house.

Jayla Jasso pink pedicure Dooney and Bourke bag bracelets and black and white calfskin flips
Me in Huntington Beach Summer 2016, showing off my bracelets and my fuchsia toes.

And my other guilty pleasure is shopping. While we're being honest. Oh, and travel. Especially to Orange County (my current vacation-spot obsession) where it's Vegan Paradise.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy my blog and sincerely hope it inspires and helps!