Hi! I'm Jayla. I live in Colorado and write romance, mostly historical romance at the moment, because I love getting immersed in other worlds.

I knew I wanted to be a writer at age 15, not long after my 9th grade English teacher noticed my writing and recruited me for sort of an "audition" to represent our school at expository writing competitions around the state. She invited me to her house along with a couple of other students, fed me a tuna sandwich, sat me at her kitchen table with a topic, and had me write for 2 hours. I really didn't know what to expect after I gave her my essay, but apparently she liked what she saw, and I was "in."

That teacher believed in me enough to drive me in her own car when school transportation wasn't available to various writing competitions around the state. She did this even though my entire freshman year, I didn't win anything. But my sophomore year, I started placing in the top 3 at practice competitions, and later that Spring, I won the District "Ready Writing" meet. That year I also started writing my first novel, a fantasy YA romance called "Trickery" about a girl who makes a pact with a witch in order to marry a rock star. Very titillating stuff, apparently, because many of my classmates were reading it, devouring the handwritten notebook pages as fast as I could write them out.

That book was long-lost years ago, and after high school I had to go to college and seek out some kind of "real" career because I like to eat and live in a house, but my dream of writing and publishing novels never died. So now I'm a high school teacher by day, and a storyteller in almost all of my spare time.

vegan breakfast scramble garbanzo flour and veggies jayla jasso
Vegan breakfast scramble in the making. I'm a big fan of cooking in iron skillets.

I also love...FOOD! I love cooking it and eating it. I'm a health nut who loves trying and inventing new healthy recipes. I spend tons of time in my kitchen, my favorite room in the house.

Besides writing and cooking, I also love yoga. I discovered it a few years ago, and it was love at first Lotus Pose. I don't care that I can't fully get into all the poses yet--I only care that it makes me breathe, eases muscle and joint pain, and clears my mind.

My gorgeous Qunari archer in Dragon Age Inquisition. She stands a couple feet taller than everyone else.

I'm not a TV watcher. My favorite relaxation-entertainment is playing video games on Xbox or PS4 (I have both,) and fantasy/sci-fi role-playing games are my kryptonite. I think it's pretty weird to be an old female gamer, but I do it anyway because it's a great stress reliever and it's a freaking blast.

Jayla Jasso pink pedicure Dooney and Bourke bag bracelets and black and white calfskin flips
Me in Huntington Beach Summer 2016, showing off my bracelets and my fuchsia toes.
And my other guilty pleasure is shopping. While we're being honest. Oh, and travel. Especially to Orange County (my current vacation-spot obsession) where it's Vegan Paradise.

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