A Clean Eating Shopping List

Fresh produce is my go-to.
I cook almost every night, for two reasons. Maybe three, actually. One, I want to eat clean, healthy, fresh food. Two, I'm eating a vegan diet with a bunch of other restrictions like no sugar or white flour. Three, I love cooking. I LOVE it. To me it's creative, relaxing, and exciting, and I love my own food.

And since I cook almost every night, I have a well-stocked refrigerator and pantry, which means lots of grocery shopping and grocery-list-making. I keep a running grocery list in my kitchen junk drawer in a little notebook so I always know what I'm getting low on and need to buy soon.

I love lists, and I love making lists, so I'm sharing my basic grocery lists with you here. (I buy all organic produce, and buy everything else organic as much as humanly possible.)

Weekly Grocery List

Yellow squash and/or zucchini
Yellow onion
Red bell pepper
Potatoes - red and/or gold
Sweet potatoes
(And sometimes: mushrooms, eggplant, fennel, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, fresh peas, red onion, or whatever other organic produce is in season and looks good.)
Toasted coconut-almond milk (really kind of addicted to Califia brand right now. It's sweetened with monk fruit.)

Pantry and Fridge Staples I Keep On Hand

Vegetable broth and/or bouillon
Fine Himalayan sea salt
Coarse Celtic grey sea salt
Extra-Virgin olive oil
Coconut oil
Canned coconut milk
Coconut butter
Applesauce (in 1/2 cup packs)
Canned diced tomatoes
Tomato paste
Canned whole tomatoes
Canned strained tomatoes
Canned beans (cannellini, garbanzo, black beans)
Dry lentils
Black olives
Basmati rice
Short-grain brown rice
Wild rice
Arborio rice
Gluten Free pastas (Trader Joe's Brown Rice Penne is my fav right now, and Barilla's GF Spaghetti)
Breakfast cereals - Bob Mills' Brown Rice Farina and Creamy Wheat
Oat flour
Almond flour
Whole wheat flour (use occasionally)
Brazil nuts
Lakanto white and Lakanto golden (natural monk fruit sugar substitutes)

Of course I have other odds and ends in my pantry, but these are my basic things I keep stocked all the time so I can make all my favorite, healthy dishes.

Speaking of which, time to go make Sweet Potato Biscuits (from this amazing recipe at Sweetpotatosoul.com) to go with my Lentil-Vegetable Stew with Fresh Thyme!