Things I Learned About Simplifying Travel...Today

Warm air and sunshine as I exit John Wayne International Airport in Orange County.

Okay, so I booked a last-minute trip to Huntington Beach because I found a killer deal, took off a couple days of work, and had to throw together my travel outfit and gear at 3:00am this morning to catch a 6:30 flight. You know how sometimes things that you didn't have time to plan for work out better than things you meticulously planned for weeks? Well, today was one of those times. I decided to take my larger spinner (even though it's a short trip) and skip the rolling tote + smaller suitcase combo, threw everything inside without much fuss since I had plenty of room, spent the same $25 checking it that I would have spent on my smaller spinner, and just carried my little backpack purse for a carry-on. And felt so light and free all the way to sunshine.

But there were other serendipitous things that made today a fabulous travel day as well. Here's the complete list.

1. Best travel outfit is yoga pants, tennis shoes, a t-shirt, and an oversized hoodie with a big front pocket (NOT a zip-up with two side pockets--stuff falls out.)

I usually wear jeans on flights, but after today, no more! I can store my phone, money, glasses, and whatever else I might be holding in my hands in the big front pocket of the pullover hoodie at a moment's notice, and I can grab those things instantly without taking off my backpack and rummaging around for 10 minutes. Also, there's no belt to take off in security. You can be in and out of the restroom faster too with yoga pants instead of jeans. : - )

2. Only makeup needed is moisturizers and mascara.

You look plenty awake and no need for fussing with more products than that. I'm going to get over myself from now on and skip the full makeup routine when I travel by air.

3. Chunks of steamed (the night before) sweet potato dusted with cinnamon in a sandwich bag makes a great vegan airport/airplane snack.

Grab a bottle of water and a plastic fork at an airport coffee shop and you're good to go. Order a cup of hot water for your own herbal tea bag. (When I opened the baggy of sweet potato it smelled like pumpkin pie...mmm.)

This may not look awesome but it was delicious and satisfying.

4. Small simple backpack purse is far easier than pulling a rolling tote.

I love my small lightweight Tumi backpack purse so, so much for airplane trips, and it holds all my essentials - clear plastic toiletries bag, wallet, glasses, snack, tissues, headphones, and phone charger.

It looks enormous in this close-up but it's a very compact size in real life. Check the photo below where I'm holding it for perspective.

5. Carry a large hair scrunchie to put clean hair up in a loose bun once you board the plane.

Hair is out of the way plus "preserved" for arrival when I can take it down and still have clean, voluminous hair rather than stringy, greasy hair that's been stuck to my moisturized face for the entire trip.

Arrived! Fours hours of sleep but feeling very stress-free. I love it when that happens.

P.S. Here's the hoodie look over the t-shirt:
Sunglasses still on because it's been a long day and I never did do my face.