Farmhouse Update + Avier Home Decor Haul!

Home decor excites me.

All right, it's almost the end of April and I'm moving to Oklahoma in four weeks. FOUR WEEKS. You think I'd be packing boxes, purging, and cleaning but instead...I'm just spending money like it's going out of style, both online and in stores.

Over the past week I've bought a new coffee table, three rugs, an electric fireplace, curtains, mugs, and today as I was driving to a facial appointment I spotted a sign in a boutique home decor store window that said "Moving Sale." I've passed by this "Avier" store many times here in Colorado Springs and never stopped to have a looksee, but today was the day.

So among Avier's extremely expensive and gorgeous furniture, art, pottery, and throw pillows, I scouted out the above relatively cheap finds, and got them for 20-60% off. (The only thing in the photo that wasn't from Avier is the little ceramic bird, which I randomly got at Walgreens last night, believe it or not, for $1.50. I was shopping for mouthwash.) With discounts, the metal milk can was $13.59, the dolomite "Green Beans" container was $7.19, the lined wire basket was $7.20, the glass "Home Sweet Home" trivet was $6.29, and the little metal heart ornament was $2.78.


Okay, so when you strip cabinets, carpets, shelves, bathroom vanities and such out of a 100-year-old house that was remodeled in the 70's or 80's and has had smokers living in it for probably 50 find a lot of filth. This is not meant as a criticism of the previous owners--just that when you live in a house you don't pull out things like wall to wall carpet or kitchen cabinets to clean behind them and under them, and over time, dust, mold, grime, etc. collects like crazy.

Popcorn ceilings, peach walls, orangish carpet, green and orange lineoleum + grime left behind after 100-year-old kitchen cabinets were removed by my uncle Gary.

So after things were pulled out, I was left with quite a mess. Over Spring Break I spent a couple of days cleaning and applying Kilz (with the help of a new Oklahoma friend with the sexiest hazel eyes I've ever seen and who happens to be tall, muscular, and skilled at construction. It's a happy circumstance.) We sorted through junk, tossed trash, found buyers and takers for the furniture, and then I stood around and watched while he painted the walls with a sprayer.

Walls now grey and new plywood flooring covering many decades of crumbling, water-damaged subfloor.

My friend suggested installing a new plywood under-flooring as well as knew of a builder's warehouse (scraps and overages) place I could buy floating vinyl flooring that looks like wood for very cheap. He's doing all the work himself, with the help of his smart, capable 10-year-old.

Floating vinyl flooring in progress. New ceiling fans and light fixtures will come later.

I got the plywood for $700 and the floating vinyl for a little under $1700 for the whole house, and with my friend doing all the install I'm making out like a bandit.

This hardworking kid deserves a nap. And look at that gorgeous fake wood floor! Wow.

Next up is the kitchen cabinet install, and I'm going shopping for countertops next weekend. Wish me luck!