How to Make a White Tea Latte (Vegan and Sugar Free!)

Pomegranate-Blueberry Frothy Tea Deliciousness!

Say hello to my current tea addiction--white tea. It's anti-oxidant-rich, packed with disease-and-age-fighting polyphenols, and has a mild, fruity taste that goes well with frothed coconut-almond milk and berry-flavored stevia.

What You Need

1 white tea bag - (I'm loving Prince of Peace individually wrapped organic tea bags - clean, simple, and cheap)
10-12 oz filtered water
5 drops pomegranate-blueberry stevia (or other fruity stevia flavor of your choosing)
5 TBS coconut-almond "creamer" (a 50/50 mix of canned lite coconut milk with unsweetened refrigerated almond-coconut milk. Shake it well to mix the heaver coconut milk with the almond before putting it in the frother)
Cinnamon and Cardamom to sprinkle on top (Ceylon cinnamon is lighter and tastes best with this latte)

Sprouts sells "Simply Organic" brand ceylon cinnamon that's perfect on this latte.

I use an empty Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar bottle to mix my vegan creamer in. (50/50 mix of canned coconut milk and refrigerated almond-coconut blend. My favorite is Almond Breeze unsweetened almond coconut.)

What You Do

1. Brew the white tea + 5 drops of the pomegranate-blueberry stevia in near-boiling water (not a rolling boil) for 3-5 minutes.
2. Use a milk frother to froth the vegan "creamer" (this Bodum is $28 and it rocks the house!)
3. Pour the frothed milk on top of the tea AS SOON AS THE MACHINE STOPS so the almond won't have time to separate from the coconut in the luxurious foam!
4. Sprinkle just a hint of the two spices over the top and sink into your comfy chair with a big smile because this drink is healthy and delicious!

QUESTION: why mix coconut with almond milk for the creamer? I've done LOTS of experimentation to get just the perfect blend for my vegan creamer. Coconut milk by itself is too strong and too coconut. Almond milk by itself doesn't have enough fat to froth well, but it makes the creamer taste really good if it's part of the picture. Btw, you can use full-fat canned coconut milk too if you aren't concerned about calories.)

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